More on the process

Here’s how I work. I meet you, I get a feel for what you want, I give you a requirements questionnaire to fill in which should help you pin down what it is you actually want. I go away and come up with an estimate of the time it will take me to complete your work and we get on with the job:

I charge £45 per hour. I don’t tend to give a set project price because every job’s different but I time my work and work very fast. By filling in my requirements form I can judge pretty accurately how long I’m going to take and haven’t gone over yet.

My background is in print journalism. I started out as a corporate journalist, became a magazine editor, then an online one, dabbled in design and finally took the plunge and became a geek. The skills all fit very well together allowing me to provide a one stop shop.

Once I’ve thoroughly explored your market I will have strong ideas about how you could go with your website and why. Your ideas and experience in the area will be invaluable too. I will then work closely with you to design the site we’ve both visualised. The designs will conform to the latest web standard and usability guidelines to give you a search engine and user friendly website.

With valid CSS3 and HTML5 coding, your site will load faster, look good on any device and be future proof. When we’re happy with the look of the site I can either hand it back to you with a user manual, training videos and a bit of me time, or I can take the hassle off your hands and manage the site for you.  Whichever you decide, I am always on the end of the phone. I pride myself on working fast and to exacting standards..

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